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Christmas 2018 The Queen’s Broadcast

Our beloved British royal family has been busy this Christmas with the usual Christmas activities and Her Majesty, the Queen’s Christmas broadcast.

Her majesty highlighted the importance of unity as the main message of her Christmas broadcast. She emphasised on people treating each other with respect regardless of their opposing views. This message came at an opportune time as members of the parliament remain divided over the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal as the UK leaves the European Union come March 2019.

The Queen also mentioned the tendency to “become keenly aware of loved ones who have died”. The Queen’s message was recorded on the 12th of December 2018, as the Queen highlights the memorable activities of the year 2018 from the commonwealth games to England’s world cup semi-final qualification and of course the weddings of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, not forgetting the 70th birthday of her son, Prince Charles.

The queen also expressed her excitement at the anticipated birth of the first child of the duke and ditches of Sussex during the spring of 2019. Her Majesty sent the message of goodwill and unity this Christmas to all subjects of the British empire.

The royal family, as is the usual tradition on Christmas day attended the Christmas day church service at Sandringham. The royal family including the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen beaming with smiles as they left the just concluded service on the Queen’s Norfolk estate. Other members of the royal family in attendance include Prince Charles who recently turned 70, the Dutchess of Cornwall, however, could not attend due to a heavy cold, and the Duke of Edinburgh was also absent despite no reports of any illness. In attendance however was Princess Eugenie of York and her husband JackBrooksbank who were married in October 2018. Also, Autumn Philips and Princess Beatrice as well as Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall who had their second child this year as well. The Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor, James Viscount Severn and the Earl of Wessex were also part of the royal party which also included Peter Philips who arrived with his daughters Savannah and Isla.

Although there have been rumours of a rift between the Dutchess of susexx who is pregnant with her and Prince Harry’s first child and the Dutchess of Cambridge, the two Dutchesses were chatting happily and smiling as they walked out of the church.

The royal family’s boxing day. On boxing day the royal family has a rather leisurely schedule as they enjoy a hearty breakfast of kedgeree (a dish of flaked fish, rice, hard-boiled eggs with cream and curry powder), bacon and eggs after which they spend the day enjoying a range of outdoor activities including shooting, riding around and leisurely walks around the vast estate. Traditionally, the family takes part in a pheasant shoot. The leisurely day is certainly a welcome contrast to the busy Christmas Eve and Christmas day schedule. The Christmas day schedule which involves a full English breakfast, church visit, turkey lunch and then a buffet supper right after the busy Christmas eve which is all about decorating the tree, and giving of presents.

This Christmas Eve was no different as The Dutchess of Sussex, despite her dislike for bloodsports joined Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family for a traditional shooting lunch. The lunch took place at Wood farm, where Prince Philip spends much of his time as a retired man.

In the past, the Queen was usually accompanied by the royal wives as they followed along, picking up the pheasants, partridges and occasionally, ducks that the men would have shot. Much to the dismay of animal lovers and welfare groups, her majesty was often spotted finishing off injured birds by wringing their necks.

This year, however, the hunting party took off without the royal ladies. The women including her majesty, the Queen joined the men at lunchtime for a well laid out buffet of cold meats, hot sausages, soup and salads, with the much-needed spirits and tea to warm up the shooters who have been dredging around in the cold.

Megan and Kate continued to show a unified appearance throughout the boxing day activities, they were often seen in each other’s company, they seemed quite happy and relaxed. Which is a welcome development as previous rumours suggested some conflict between the two ladies.

Once the lunch was over, the men resumed their shooting activities while Megan and Kate returned with the Queen and Prince Philip to Sandringham for tea.

Single Mum Takes a “Royal Jackpot” Photo

Karen Anvil Viral Christmas Royal Family Photo 2017

In 2017 Karen Anvil, a 40-year old single mother who works two jobs, was in the crowd at Sandringham when the Fab four; Princes Harry and William with Kate and Megan were greeting well-wishers. Karen took a photo that has since then gone viral, and from the proceeds of the picture, she has been able to take a year off work, clear debts and even pay for a house revamp, that is a merry Christmas indeed. I wonder if anyone will bag a Christmas bonus like that this year?

Karen took the picture and posted it on her social media before a professional photographer put her in contact with his agent. The picture had gone viral in a couple of hours and it has since been sold to at least 50 countries. The picture has appeared on several editions of Hello and OK, as well as various media outlets across the globe.

The picture was Karen’s own little Christmas miracle, as it has helped her finances significantly. She said the picture has helped her with regular monthly income between 600 to 6,000 pounds.

The picture has also provided Karen with various opportunities which include being chosen as BBC Radio Live’s Royal Photographer at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May. She has since then used every penny gotten from the photo to improve her life and her daughter’s education.

The year has really been a good one for our favourite family, we hope to see a better one next year.

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