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Stealth your way to the jackpot! Based on the console game that allowed the gamer to experience the life of a professional killer, the online slot hit the gaming scene with my foray. With plenty of bonus features and free spins, as well as some great graphics that suit the theme perfectly, you’ll certainly be kept entertained.

Hitman is a 15-pay line and five-reel slot and the player gets the chance to adjust the value of each bet and the amount of lines played before each spin. To see the pay table, you can click on the link in the bottom left corner, which will outline the value of each combination as well as giving you a step-by-step guide on the bonus features.

Jam packed with plenty of bonus features, Hitman offers players the chance to win with two bonus games, with one a contract bonus that provides the opportunity to win 270,000 coins. To qualify, you need to have the bonus icon land on reels 3, 4 and 5. The player is required to select a target to kill, with a mystery value added, and any winnings can be multiplied.

The other bonus available is the Insignia bonus which requires a symbol in the first three reels, with 6,000 coins available for the player. To see what it is worth, the player must click one of the three symbols all of which have a different value underneath – rewarded the prize that they so happen to choose. If the bonus options aren’t enough, three eighteen symbols can trigger free bets which could be worth up to double on each spin, giving you even more ways to boost your potential winnings.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this app are the graphics. Whether it is a knife or a range of different types of guns, each symbol is representative of the murky world that the Hitman lives in and how the vicious crime has taken over. The symbols fit perfectly in with the theme and help make this a memorable slot.

Hitman is a slot that will appeal to people of all ages. With excellent graphics which follow the original franchise closely, it’s easy to become engrossed with the storyline.

The many ways to pick up bonuses and free bets is also a useful feature which will attract customers. The layout is simple and effective, with players clearly able to see what they need to do and how to do it, and as they should, they control all aspects before placing a bet.

Overall, Hitman is a very effective slot that will certainly appeal to a specific audience and hopefully you can hit the winning symbols along the journey. 

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