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What now for Dancing on Ice after Gemma Collins’ exit?

Although it was coming for some time, it was still sad to see Gemma Collins finally getting the boot from the Dancing on Ice TV show. The outrageous TOWIE star was the most compelling part of the show, and although she was certainly divisive, Dancing on Ice just won’t be the same without her formidable on-screen presence.

Of course, Collins didn’t give up her place on Dancing on Ice without a good fight. As predicted, the diva received a severely harsh score of just 15.5 after another amusing performance on the ice. But it was the way that she fought the judges back with a typically bad-mouthed rant that shows that Collins can always deliver some fireworks.

Outrageous behaviour from the TOWIE star

Whil her skating performance to the Destiny’s Child song, Survivor, might not have appealed to the purists, there was little doubting the fact that Collins had improved significantly over the past few weeks. This was definitely something that her fans on social media agreed with as there was plenty of outrage on Twitter with judges like Christopher Dean getting plenty of grief.

Above all, it’s the fact that Collins tried her best that seemed to endear her most to her loyal army of supporters. Whether it was taking an epic fall in rehearsals that nearly crushed her parter, Matt Evers, or just making the rest of the cast wait whilst she took ‘a nap’ earlier in the series, there is no denying the basic fact that the TOWIE diva provided plenty of entertainment.

This was perfectly shown when Collins even tried to use a spooky shamanic cleansing ritual to clear the studio of ‘bad vibes’ before her final performance. But it looks like all was in vain, as Collins got the axe from the ITV show and there will be a gaping void in her absence. We’ve already seen Mark Little, Richard Blackwood, Didi Conn and Saira Khan getting the boot, so who are the front-runners for winning the 2019 Dancing on Ice competition?

Could Wes Nelson win Dancing on Ice?

Most bookies seem to be favouring Wes Nelson to win this year’s Dancing on Ice. The Love Island star has managed to work wonders with his skating partner, Vanessa Bauer, and he will be looking to do better than last year’s Love Island competitor, Kem Cetinay, who could only manage fourth place.

The 20-year old has managed to stay in the headlines thanks to his ongoing romance with Megan Barton Hanson. However, it’s worth remembering that Hanson hasn’t exactly helped Nelson’s fight to win the ITV ice skating show. Not only did she interrupt Nelson’s training by taking a typically outrageous holiday in the Mauritius, but Hanson has also served up plenty of provocative Instagram rants taking aim at skaters like Matt Evers. Despite this, we think that Wes Nelson could easily win this tournament.

James Jordan should do well

With a long background in ballroom dancing, it may seem like James Jordan should be many people’s favourite to win this year’s Dancing on Ice. He’s already a pro at reality TV having done well in the 2014 Celebrity Big Brother, and he’ll be desperate to add an ice skating show gong to his trophy cabinet.

However, it’s worth remembering that many people will think that Jordan has an unfair advantage, and so he might have to work twice as hard to get the audience vote. Thankfully the Strictly dancer has the formidable likes of Alexandra Schauman as his skating partner and he seems to be more than able to impress the judges. Whilst Jordan is known for his scathing putdowns of his competitors, it looks like the dancer should easily make the final of the 2019 Dancing on Ice competition.

Big things expected from Melody Thornton

The ex-Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton, has also been seriously impressing the Dancing on Ice judges over the past few weeks. Alongside her skating partner, Alexander Demetrio, Thornton seems at ease on the ice, but there’s always a question of whether American stars will find favour with the notoriously fickle UK viewing audiences.

Like James Jordan, Thornton has received plenty of criticism for her dancing background giving her an unfair advantage. Plus her close friendship with the former judge, Ashley Roberts, has also led many people to think that Thornton doesn’t have to work as hard as some of her rivals. Despite this, we think that the ex-pop star could do well in the ITV show.

Could Saara Aalto surprise the judges?

Most people had probably never heard of the Finnish pop star, Saara Aalto, before she was announced for the 2019 Dancing on Ice contest. But the singer has proven to be one of the most likeable performers on the ITV show and she could be one of the dark horses of the competition.

With her partner, Hamish Gaman, on hand to guide her through some of the trickier moves, Aalto seems to be willing to do anything to impress the judges. But whether she can win over the hearts of the viewing audience remains to be seen.

Will Brian McFadden get any better?

Brian McFadden wasn’t too well known for his singing or dancing talents during his time in Westlife, and sadly it looks like his ice skating skills have yet to impress the judges. Despite this, there seems to be a real desire in the Irish pop star’s heart to win the current Dancing on Ice tournament.

In addition to this, there is little denying that McFadden’s outspoken personality has helped endear him to both judges and viewers. When he wasn’t taking an amusing swipe at his ex-Westlife bandmates, he would be toasting the much-missed Gemma Collins, and so we think that McFadden shouldn’t be discounted just yet. But whether his skating skills can improve in the coming weeks remains to be seen. All of which shows that Dancing on Ice is this season’s must-see TV show.

Who do you think will win?

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