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Under The Bed

Before Hollywood caught hold of our imaginations and exaggerated our sense of horror, the monsters that hid under the bed were the first nightmares we had as kids. What could be hiding there after dark? Would the night light or slightly ajar door make a difference to the freaks and ghouls? Could anything be worse than what might happen if you looked under the bed?

It is everything and more that one should expect from a game that plays with pure imagination. The graphics and animation are second to none in the online casino portals of the web and BetSoft Gaming have excelled themselves in delivering what can only be described as the slots game to end all slots games.

Jesse and Jane pop out of the screen thanks to delicious 3D animation from the BetSoft Gaming studio and there are no corners being cut to ensure this game is a visual feast as well as being a good online casino gaming experience. Some slots games fall into one of two categories and can’t decide whether to be all style or substance. Under The Bed however, comfortably fits into both gaming arenas. With elements of Pixar in the cartoon character’s design, this is a game that pulls on your shirt and demands constant attention, with a tasty narrative to get your teeth into and enough bonus features to keep even the most hardened of multi-taskers busy!

BetSoft Gaming have craftily transferred this desktop game onto a mobile gaming platform and it really does come to life on smartphones and tablets. 7Red.com have added yet another classic slots game to their arsenal and their dominance at 2014 award ceremonies in the online casino community will again need another shelf for storage of more Slots Operator Of The Year prizes!

Under The Bed is the complete package for gamers. In terms of features, players have a lot to discover as they dodge between monsters and temporary safe havens. Keep your eyes peeled for Wild Symbols, Free Spins and the hand that reaches out to grab you during these, Sticky Wild bonuses, Pick Me goodies, Double Up plays and some of the biggest 30 line payouts that BetSoft have ever incorperated into their 3D slots. This 5 reel spinner is a winner at upthejackpot.com and looks set to be in our Top 3 Slots Of The Year review.

Don’t just take our word for it, step into the Monster Inc. Disney-esque world that is Under The Bed and discover many more features than we dare tell you about for fear of spoiling the surprise!

Experience what can only be described as a dream game making the most of what could have been a nightmare!

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