Who Spun It?
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Who Spun It?

The Murder Mystery Game Of The Year! There’s been a murder at Wellington Manor and the police need your help to solve this crime and determine which of the five suspects is guilty. There are lots of clues to work through and a terrific plotline to follow as players try to get to the bottom of this mystery before our villain strikes again!

For fans of murder mystery games like Cluedo and TV shows including Crime Scene Investigation, Columbo, True Detective, Poirot and of course Miss Marple.

WhoSpunIt is a 5 reel, 30 pay line 3D slots game with symbols including the five suspects, a safe, a wall with clues, a magnifying glass and victim’s legs. There are bonus rounds where players can interrogate the suspects and landing Clue Collection Reels will give you more bonus clue points, helping you to beat the clock and solve the crime. Who Spun It is a very detailed slots game with multiple layers and interactive features for players who enjoy a mental challenge as well as highly entertaining slots gaming. Why not try it out and discover if you have what it takes to solve the crime of the year!

Meet your five suspects in this who dunnit crime caper!

  • Miss Eliza Jane Rothsby Earlthon Geoffries Chatam – 4x multiplier on cash payouts
  • Charles Convington – Wild Random Reel spinner
  • Miss Ellie – Doubles Free Spins
  • Mr. Wellington – Makes the game pay both ways
  • Dr. Van Austren – Gives player Random Wild Spins

Who dunnit at WhoSpunIt? Unravel the mystery now!

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